Saturday, March 3, 2012

A new home

[Berlin street art]

Hi there,

As you can see by the dust built up around the edges and the slightly off-putting smell of damp, I've somewhat neglected poor PenPaperPlay the past few months.

I did have a good excuse; I've been travelling overland from London to Sydney. So besides the dose of daily distractions (oh look a monkey! etc) there were also a few technical hiccups to contend with (Blogger being banned in Iran and China. Dodgy Internet connects in Romania, Nepal and India etc.)

Instead of reviving PenPaperPlay, I’ve set up a new blog called Ballpoint Arcade. It’s still finding it’s feet, but I’m rather excited about this little foundling.

The new blog focuses more on writing and books, as I’ve been getting more articles published since being on the road*. As well as writing a travelogue about my journey - including the time I narrowly escaped getting a flesh eating bacterium, when I ate popcorn with local Laotian militia, being guest of honour at a Turkish village or almost being stranded in Iran.

The blog has a strong focus on music and generally lovely things to look at (all photos, unless otherwise stated, were taken by me during my travels…including the fish on ice. I now happen to have a fine collect of photos of fish on ice.)

Thank you for visiting PenPaperPlay. I’ve had such a lovely time creating posts. I hope you drop by Ballpoint Arcade and say hello.



* including one on the history of body hair removal – I can tell you that it was bizarre to research