Saturday, March 3, 2012

A new home

[Berlin street art]

Hi there,

As you can see by the dust built up around the edges and the slightly off-putting smell of damp, I've somewhat neglected poor PenPaperPlay the past few months.

I did have a good excuse; I've been travelling overland from London to Sydney. So besides the dose of daily distractions (oh look a monkey! etc) there were also a few technical hiccups to contend with (Blogger being banned in Iran and China. Dodgy Internet connects in Romania, Nepal and India etc.)

Instead of reviving PenPaperPlay, I’ve set up a new blog called Ballpoint Arcade. It’s still finding it’s feet, but I’m rather excited about this little foundling.

The new blog focuses more on writing and books, as I’ve been getting more articles published since being on the road*. As well as writing a travelogue about my journey - including the time I narrowly escaped getting a flesh eating bacterium, when I ate popcorn with local Laotian militia, being guest of honour at a Turkish village or almost being stranded in Iran.

The blog has a strong focus on music and generally lovely things to look at (all photos, unless otherwise stated, were taken by me during my travels…including the fish on ice. I now happen to have a fine collect of photos of fish on ice.)

Thank you for visiting PenPaperPlay. I’ve had such a lovely time creating posts. I hope you drop by Ballpoint Arcade and say hello.



* including one on the history of body hair removal – I can tell you that it was bizarre to research

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Since Sydney seems to be swimming in gourmet burger joints these days I'm making burgers for dinner, as I wrote that I realised we have no cheese in the house, a trip to the shops may be in order! My secret ingredient is a teaspoon of Tabasco sauce, otherwise known as one of the greatest condiments known to man_ it's on an equal footing with Hot English Mustard and Chilli sauce. Here's what I'm taking for inspiration from Jamie Oliver


Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm loving Goldie Hawn, who doesn't love classics like 'Overboard'?

The mascara in the next two photos is amazing, so 1960s! Something to aim to replicate!

The following photo captures a really lovely moment with her daughter Kate Hudson

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday sleep in

Dog tired. Cocktails and Vietnamese food till late in shoreditch last night.


Spontaneous City

'The Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven', The Secret Garden, Islington, North London.
With over 300 boxes of varying sizes, they hope to bring birds and bugs back into London.


Greasy Spoon

A greasy spoon cafe - these were 1950s staples, before Costa and Starbucks ripped up the high streets. This one in Old Street was delightfully rough around the edges and no frills in style. We wandered in because it was packed with people tucking into lunch. Clearly they liked this cafe, as the wall behind the counter was earmarked with over a hundred pictures of customers grinning from beneath bowl haircuts, 60's bobs and 80's perms.
We squeezed into a freshly vacated booth, with neon yellow walls and mint green trim, a well worn formica tabletop, peeling lino floors and chatted over large mugs of piping hot tea and chunky chips doused in salt and vinegar. Grinning all the while.


Dulce de Leche

I was at the deli this morning buying prosciutto and cheese, inspired by French Food Safari to make a Jamon Croque Monsieur while there I happened upon a jar of Dulce de Leche which accompanied me home. I've heard much about this apparently addictive Latin American spread, which inspires many to eat it straight from the jar. I've been camping with friends who've feasted on condensed milk straight from the tube, I thought them slightly crazy, though I could certainly treat myself to a spoonful of this.

I've been on an ice cream making frenzy with my new ice cream machine so I'm thinking of making some caramel ice cream out of it. Though there are so many options of what to do with it...

Maybe some brownies, like these amazing beauties by David Lebovitz featured on his blog

Or some Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Dulce de Leche Buttercream, I do so love carrot cake. Joy the Baker featured these drool-worthy cupcakes

Or a delightful looking cheesecake perhaps?

Or a delicious and slightly naughty Dulce de Leche coffee, reminiscent of Irish coffee posted by Ree over at The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Whatever I make with it, I know that its not exactly a health food and so it'll surely be shared, unless I crack and start eating it straight from the jar.