Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teenage dreams

It’s day three of “retirement” – I’ve already reorganized my wardrobe, sorted through my tax and banking, washed many loads of laundry, returned an incredibly overdue library book and have basically acted like a responsible adult. I even started planning for when I return to Sydney and started looking up jobs…

Then I realized, hold on, I’m on holidays. Why don’t I just play it cool? So I’ve tried to zone in on what my self-indulgent, teenage self would do with bucket loads of free time, a small kitty of dough and a driving license. So I started singing along with this song to help me get in the freewheeling mood:

So far I’ve decided to go for a walk. Perhaps I’ll follow that up with reading some magazines. Party central right here!

Maybe after a week of living teenage dreams, I’ll end up reverting back to being a child and throwing some hilarious shenanigans like this.

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