Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Case of the Deep Sea Arcade

Who needs CSI with their fancy pants computers and brooding close ups? Say nay to the microscopic clues found imbedded the gut lining of a decaying corpse a la “Bones” style.

She went from immaculately curled hair, pearls, high heels, and elegant dresses to bellbottoms and red head in the 1970’s to short skirts and college romances in the 2000’s.

I favour the Nancy of the 1960’s – a couple of battered copies of “The Nancy Drew Mystery Stories” found one summer in an op-shop lead to a frenzy of reading.

While watching RAGE the other morning, Deep Sea Arcade’s video clip brought back memories of Nancy - the sharp suits with skinny ties, the trusty flash light - looks like a mystery is brewing in the dark gloomy woods…

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