Saturday, April 3, 2010

Newbie alert

Welcome to the rusty, slow-churning cogs of my brain box!

In an attempt to douse my gray matter in intelligible thoughts I’ve decided to commit to writing a blog – how very original I know.

With abbreviations being the crux of my day job and an inner monologue entirely of television quotes, I fear my brain will make like Alex Mack and morph into shiny silver goo.

Pen.Paper.Play will document my awkward attempts to delve into deep and meaningful meditations about books, writing and life’s oddities. Hopefully it will allow me to maintain my ability to construct complete sentences and if by some random stroke of luck render me insightful.

I generally employ a Russian roulette method of selecting books to read. My random, often senseless selections are based on whim or half remembered recommendations. This means I rarely read best sellers when they are stacked front and centre on the shelf. Coincidently this has long been fiscally favorable to my moth eaten pockets, as pretty new books are rarely found in the musty hollows of second hand bookstores. This may make me out of touch, but hopefully entertaining nonetheless.

I should take a step back for a moment, as I do have one rule when it comes to reading and that is to consume at least one non-fiction book per month – several harsh defeats in Trivial pursuit made me realize that I know more about the political turmoil of 1984 than that of the here and now.

Come back soon kiddos….i may just actually follow through on this.

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