Friday, November 12, 2010

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Tacked on walls and strung over the window sill, my collection of postcards has been bolstered this week when my sister dropped a line home from London. The handwritten note just says a quick hello, but it's million times more meaningful than a FB status update.

Stuck to the fridge, its a reminder that she's bundled up in a hat, gloves, wooly socks and heavy overcoat, as we wander barefooted and slathered in sweat.

With a passion for art but a purse fit for a pauper, I started collecting postcards a couple of years ago.

Still no closer to owning any originals, I'm not too fussed as i can line the walls in a smorgasbord of pocket sized prints.

Above are just a handful of my current favourites:
1. Textile design, James Leman (1688-1745), V&A
2. Nataraja 1993, oil on canvas, Tate
3. Le Liseur, The Reader
4. Family Home: Surburban exterior, Howard Arkley, 1993
5. Raboteurs de parquet, Gustave Caillebotte, 1875
6. Mauritius images

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