Friday, November 12, 2010

Ukulele Lady like a'you

It's not even summertime and i've already burnt my shoulders the same shade of red as my hair. As I gingerly rubbed aloe vera cream on, i decided that i need someway of keeping myself entertained while the sun beats down.

What can be a better way to cruise though summer than pluck away at my ukulele?

I've always had soft spot for ukuleles. Not only do they make me feel like a giant, but i can fool myself into believing I have a smidgen of talent when I pluck out "Ukulele lady"
If you like Ukulele Lady
Ukulele Lady like a'you

Belgian newspaper Lesoir get people with bucket loads more talent to perform with the Tiny Tim.

Check out videos from the likes of Get Cape.Wear Cape.Fly, Gotye, The Temper Trap, Born Ruffians and Okkervile River.

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