Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Eye" know that

I think I've been scarred for life.

The unfortunate incident of the fingernail in the eye became a saga this morning when i awoke to discover that the nail was still in fact lodged in my eye.

To save you from the gory details, its now been removed and my eye is healthy, but in a somewhat irritated state.

So with the day off work and Don Draper proving to be a sight too sore for eyes, I decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to catch up on Sunday Night Safran podcasts and organise my bookcase.

Besides unearthing an unhealthy amount of dust, i stumbled across a surprising number of double ups, including:

My obsession with books is to the extent that i enjoy reading about reading.

And i made the painful realisation that stray coins really do add up to a substantial amount when all those $10 penguin classics are piled together.

The after picture makes the bookcase look surprisingly untouched. With there being too many books to be organise them in any other fashion besides stacks three books deep, the exercise seems to have been somewhat pointless.

Except now the books are dust free, as i did an exceptionally through job of inhaling it all.

Despite knowing that i have more books than i know what to do with, i couldn't help but buy this little beauty when i went to the optometrist today.

For less than the price of a magazine it was positively nipping at my heels to be taken home, who am i to say no?

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