Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chêne Chapelle

Since reading The Pillars of the Earth, I’ve been itching to tour the cathedrals of Europe. While the book is fiction, Follett interweaves factual details about cathedral construction techniques and design, into the saga. The descriptions of the cathedrals are painfully beautiful, as each cathedral represents years of back breaking labor, engineering and fine craftsmanship.

I’m sure many people have traipsed around Europe checking out cathedrals, as Follett’s book has sold millions and millions. In fact it’s so popular that the Germans voted it the third best book ever written – after the Bible and Lords of the Rings.

But when I do my tour, I want to include this architectural gem on my list.

Chêne d’Allouville près d’Yvetot (Seine-Inférieure). géographie --- Allouville Seine-Maritime

No one knows how old the tree is, people hazard that it is 1000 years old. A spiral staircase winds it way around the exterior of the hollow trunk. Inside are two small chapels. I’m not sure if tourists are allowed into the chapels, as I imagine that the tree is somewhat precarious (note the many cables anchoring the tree to the ground) but I did read that the locals still worship inside the chapels.

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