Saturday, April 16, 2011


I passed my driving test this weekend. After four years of working my way through the provisional plate system, I am now a fully qualified driver. Huzzah! I also had to get a new licence. The licence will last for five years. Portrait pressure.

I always get nervous about official photos - whether it was school photos, passport photos or photo ID. Besides the point blank vibe - I also fret over how the photo will be perceived, as it's designed to identify me.

A couple of years back when renewing my passport, I was so obsessed with making sure I met all the photo specifications (no smile, head in neutral position, no facial hair*, no shadows, hair pulled back) I ended up with a horrendous photo. I look washed out and dazed, one eye bulging slightly and my skin blotchy. Yet this was a successful photo, as it is an incredibly accurate image of how I look after a long haul flight.

With regards to my driving licence, it's mainly utilised as an ID when at a bar or gig. I tend to have put a smidgen more effort into my appearance when out and about (and hope that I don't resemble my passport photo). So yesterday I tried to get Saturday night fever in my passive expression.

Well it's safe to say it's not a grand photo. But at least my left eyelid wasn't drooping.

*I have yet to grow a beard. Nil follicles on my chin to date.

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