Friday, September 17, 2010

The Bird's monkey wrench

This weekend i'm getting my geek on again. Perhaps i should just admit that i'm always a nerd?

I'm overloading my neuronal synapses by dissecting the Biomechanics of running.

I'm sure a monkey wrench would come in handy for such a task, but I'll just have to make do by listening to the Foo Fighters.

Jacob A. Pfeiffer, Monkey Wrench, oil, 12 X 9 inches

I'm also planning to flesh out a portly, scotch soaked, penniless character with a sinister appetite for bird watching of the homosapien variety.

Jhenna Quinn Lewis, Bird, oil, 8 X 6 inches

If I don't get caught up in reading the Wicked triology [you could say it is wickedly addictive] I'll transcribe some of my creative writing journal

TR Colletta's, Writer's Block 11, oil on linen, 50" x 50"

and play tomfoolery with my new Camera.

To ensure that i don't get lost in a cassum of brainfarts, i'll stay steadfast with a soundtrack of

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