Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First World Problems

I'm sitting back and contemplating a number of pressing issues at the moment:
- Should i let myself become addicted to Survivor Nicaragua?
- Should i have a bottle of cider while watching Glee?
- Should i go for a run tomorrow or do strength training?
- Is it my shifty eyes, tangled hair or smirk that caused my photo registration to be rejected by Glastonbury 2011?

So many first world problems indeed.

What i do know is certain:

- i will develop an obsession with the new Born Ruffians album

- i will dance the way i feel

Ou-est-le Swimming Pool are releasing "The Golden Year" on Friday...i could have sworn that they were going to name their debut album "Jesus Died for our Synths" [Best. Album. Title. Ever]...perhaps they thought it was insensitive following the death of their lead singer Charles Haddon?

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