Sunday, September 5, 2010

Champagne Supernova

I stumbled through this morning bleary eyed and nursing a throbbing headache. I guzzled glass after glass of water trying to diffuse the effects of the champagne supernova [ie. wedding].

I hung my weary head in my hands, my limbs legthergic, each movement slow and calculated. I contemplated the wasted day that lay ahead.

Alyssa Monks, Hands (2008 Oil on canvas 48x56in.)

But that didn't sit well with me. While snacking on a ham, cheese, tomato toastie i decided that i didn't want to wallow in world weary thoughts.

Alyssa Monks, Smush (40x54, oil on linen, 2008)

So i decided to reminiscent instead.

The green facepaint, the flowing curls pinned to one side, the pageboy playing footy with the ring cushion, the bridesmaid dress malfunctioning from vigorous dancing, the leggy wedding jump shot, the somewhat crude table telegrams and catcalls in the church.

Then i cracked up.

Alyssa Monks, Laughing Girl (2009, oil on linen, 40 x 60 in.)

Best hangover cure ever.

If i were a classier broad i would try to convince myself that my befuddled look this morning was as Alyssa Monks describes her artistic intentions:

"I prefer to keep the facial expressions ambiguous, like the moments between clear feelings or thoughts. In this way, the conversation is ongoing; the facial expression can change and suggest rather than impose."

While Monks is of the school of photorealism she distances herself from that label

"Reality isn't' slick or smooth or without I don't paint it that way. Reality is full of misunderstandings and mistakes and unpredictability and inconsistencies and ugliness as well as beauty - so is paint."

Which i think is a lovely way to sum up my s'wonderful weekend.

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