Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beats and Babooshka dolls

Christmas often leads to the early onset of diabetes and frazzled tempers. Here are a selection of music tips to keep the family on an even keel over the upcoming weekend:

We Say Bamboulee - tasty folk synth

He Will Have His way - Finn Brothers covers from the likes of Boy and Bear to The Living End

The Hives - highbrow punk madness

Hot Chip - smooth beats for post meal digestion

The Beatles - Because I want to hold your hand

Lykke Li - Sweet, sweet Swedish pop

Mumford and Sons - to win over Nan and Grandpa

If you still find yourself locking your cousin in a half nelson or giving your Aunt Madge a filthy glare before sulking off in a huff of misery and despair, then fear not - you can always paint a new family out of Babooshka dolls.

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