Friday, December 17, 2010


I'm a reluctant shopper.

Easily dsitracted by book shops and cafes, I lack the stamina of seasoned shoppers. So I'm without the basic skills to negogiate wayward shopping trolleys, packs of tweens on the prowl and pensioners armed with walking sticks.

Paired with a rather limited budget, means that this year's christmas presents are rather uninspired.

How about getting crafty? This would mean avoiding the shops and saving cash. However I think that Alicia Paulson's (of Posie Gets Cozy) puupy dog could create something a million times nicer than i ever could. The last time I gifted someone a scarf that I had spent 3 months knitting, they used it as a lap rug for their cat.

So the safest bet is Book Depository and after a flurrly of book buying I'm almost ready for christmas!

Given that I highly doubt that my siblings are telling the truth about reading this blog, here is some things I bought:

It's only a small coincidence that I've been wanting to read these books too...

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