Thursday, December 23, 2010

Make a note of it

I write notes for myself on surgical gloves, forget, then dispose of them after I've finished with the patient.

I tried keeping notes on pieces of paper but I kept losing my clipboard, so I jotted down info on pieces of scrap paper and kept them in my pockets like a squirrel. The wads of paper would crease and crinkle as i walked around the ward. Awkward.

Now I mostly write on my skin - handwashing means that this too is fallible method. I could always take a leaf from Louie Mckirdy's book and write notes in more obscure places, like my thigh, but that could lead to bizarre bedside mannerisms.

Louie writes notes on his thigh so frequently that he got a tattoo of a notepad there. I thought this a mighty cute idea. So does this person it seems.

[courtesy of benependent]

Now I must remember to buy some wrapping paper...

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