Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dance! Dance! Pants!

I like to dance.

I have a tasty little repertoire of tried and true moves, mostly learnt from aerobics Oz Style, Zumba and Video clips from the nineties - all executed with the grit and determination of not putting Baby in the corner.

A couple of years ago I caught El Guincho and danced so vigorously I couldn't walk up stairs for a few days following.

They make such infectiously toe tapping beats, I've since included a couple tracks in my running playlists. Sure I'm not any closer to being an Olympic Champion, but I am certain they make me slightly more quick footed. Like a Tiger.

They're back in town and playing tonight. Olay!

Besides being such an audible treat, they're worth seeing play as they resemble a Spanish version of Flight of the Conchords - kooky, bizarre, endearing! Plus you're guaranteed to carry home a bucket of your own sweat.

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