Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Controlling clouds

Cloud Control are packing up their guitars, soaring harmonies, drums, ambient synths and folk sensibilities, for the blustery Britain.

I feel like a lovesick teenager, harping over a lost love and pondering deep meaningful thoughts about how to pull off a pensive (yet alluring) pose. Tricky stuff.

Why must you leave the Blue Mountains Cloud Control??

At least they're setting sail in style and not sneaking off with their tail between their legs.

They're throwing a going away shindig - "incorporating bands, DJ's, arts and video over multiple stages inside and outdoors" at The Factory Theatre.

Sounds like an opportunity to re-inact "Pretty in Pink". Perhaps along with my dancing shoes, I'll wear my heart on my shelve and declare my love for Cloud Control during the 'end of school dance'?

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