Thursday, December 23, 2010


I'm going away to the seaside for Christmas, which should be delightfully chill.

Unfortunately I'm terrible at taking photos and my family are probably just at bad at posing for them. So our family holiday photo albums are a blend of poorly timed portraits (when everyone is grumpy and bloated from Christmas dinner) or just technically shoddy (blurry, over-exposed etc).

Fortunately we're not nearly as awkward as these families:

[note the sneaky bird from the boy in blue]

Mike Matas knows a thing or two about cameras and apparently never takes a dud shot. He was in Morocco and Spain with his girlfriend in October. He took 4000 pictures during the two week trip and has put them together in a short video.

I literally swoon when I watch it - the vivd colours, macro shots of fresh produce and action shots of children playing are just the mostest!

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