Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dress me up!

[via: society6]

It started with one cute cartoon with a brilliant pun 'indeergestion'. Before I knew it I stumbled onto 40 pages of pug images - it sounds excessive and probably slightly obsessive but I couldn't help but fawn over the ugly little beauties.

I've just discovered 'We Heart It' - a treasure trove of eye candy from all around the web.

I could have posted countless images, but I don't want to give the impression that I dress dogs on the weekend - heck I don't even have a dog! But you would be insane not to call these adorable.

[via: relourelou]



It's amazing that such an animal evolved given the plethora of health problems they suffer from - according to wikipaedia the pug has to rely on it's owner to clean it's ears and between the folds on it's face. Talk about pampered pooch.

Yet I'm smitten! I want a pug! I promise not to humiliate by dressing it in costumes...unless it's a fancy dress party.

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