Sunday, January 23, 2011

Black Swan

I adore the Ballet. When I was a uni student I took advantage of the cheap season passes and relished in abiding by the sophisticated dress code and social etiquette that comes part in parcel with the majestic surrounds of the Sydney Opera House.

Then there were the actual performances. I would hover at the edge of my seat, muffling my gasps as the dancer's performed astonishing feats with strength, dexterity, flexibility and most importantly - passion. So even the most mundane sounding story of love and loss, blossomed in the hands and feet of the dancers.

I watched Black Swan last night. I'm glad I had a cocktail before watching the film, as it was tense.

Because Portman is such a brillant actor, this was not an enjoyable film. Portman's ability to portray Nina Sayers' physical & mental exhausion and subsequent decline into psychosis was vividly visceral and distressing.

I don't think I will ever look at a nail file the same way again (given that I have that slight phobia of nail clippers, I doubt I will become a nail technician any time soon).

While it wasn't a comfortable viewing experience, I'm glad I saw it. I'm sure it'll take home a swag of awards.

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