Saturday, January 29, 2011

A night of thrills and chills

I saw Sufjan Stevens and his ten strong band the other night - oh me, oh my - the boy has changed since I caught him three years ago. Gone were the wings, the banjo, the hula hoops, the rambling banter, the folk and the tears (my tear ducts exploded with joy). This was a completely different ride.

Owen Pallett (formally Final Fantasy) opened the show. If you listen to him with your eyes closed you would swear that an orchestra would be playing, yet it’s just one man, a violin, a keyboard and a loop pedal. I won’t even bother describing how utterly beautiful his music is – just watch this (the sound quality is a bit iffy, but the atmosphere is sublime) and have a listen to this.

Then it was Sufjan’s turn. The Age of Adz show was like a sci-fi synth fused slow jam, lit by neon tape and glow sticks. The music was surreal, confusing, lengthy, bizarre, layered, luscious, chaotic, dark, moody and I found it impossible to sit still. I shifted and wiggled in my seat, desperate to dance, particularly when the balloons and confetti burst from the Opera House’s ceiling during the epically long song “Impossible soul”.

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