Saturday, January 29, 2011


Last night Mish, E.J. and I decided to go jitterbugging - unfortunately it seems like a bunch of other people did too, so we missed out on door tickets to Mojo Juju & The Snake Oil Merchants.

Though I shouldn't have been surprised, as they had the most poetic gig blurb ever written:

A Bastard contemporary Harlem jazz club.
Plenty of Hoochie and Loads more coochie.
It creeps out like a shadow, Jumps and Jives like New York 1933, and then it wails like nothin' you ever heard before.
This ain't nostalgia folks, its sophisticated pandemonium.
Its dressed to the nines and keepin' in step.

I'm definitely going to be a tad bit more organised for the next Jitterbug club event.

However as that said, when a door closes, a window opens - or in our case a corridor. Cocktails, a mezze plate, an awesome indie soundtrack and ruby red lipstick made the weekend feel like a mini holiday.

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