Tuesday, March 29, 2011

208 minutes

I've been nattering on this week about having lots of pots on the boil; and just as I'm about to dash off out the door to a track session, I'm catching up on podcasts, flicking through emails, stretching my calves, editing some writing, nibbling on an english muffin, tying my laces, sending a text and snooping around blogs.

The pots are positively boiling over.

In the middle of this calamity I read this:

Time Wasting Experiment 0006

The 'Time Wasting Experiments' are an ongoing series of letterpress prints I've been producing which document time wasted. These are in part inspired by tracking 'billable hours' but also come from the compulsion to always be doing things and producing objects. This series is a sort of audit of how I spend my time, but the prints could also be thought of as permission slips allowing you to spend a period of time in a wasteful way (maybe recontextualizing a private, shameful activities into something which one tries to get done in a set amount of time).

For all my productivity, I'm getting bugger all done.

I think the best way to shut off the urge of being 'productive', is to slip into some apathetic ennui and watch the trashiest thing I can find. Luckily for me Million Matchmaker is on tonight. Booyah.

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