Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Mother

In the summer ooo I love her
She's like no other
She's my Mother

My Mum is a hair's breath away from cutting her birthday cake and I have yet to get her a birthday present. In the past no matter how much thought and effort, I always inadvertently gifted her something that I had been lusting after. The old self serving present.

A small patch below my right ear lobe is red raw, as I've been scratching my head all afternoon, trying to find something to give her. This is the best that I could come up with:


girl mug with finch

Russian Girl Matryoshka Magnet

OCTOPUS- Vintage blue suitcase with hand printed Octopus

Clock created from a recycled JVC Turntable

Neon Summer Shawl

Unfortunately, after reviewing the list, I think I want them all. For. Myself. Ugh this is a pickle, I just want to eat cake.

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