Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nip and tuck

I must confess when I stumbled across this gorgeous historical depiction of a “perfect nippy” (wait staff) I felt guilty. I am a workplace slob.

[image via: point of difference]

To be fair my work uniform was designed for practically – the white polo top and blue slacks are perfect for bending, twisting, lifting, reaching, carrying and leaning. An occupational, health and safety dream.

But for all the flexibility the uniform allows, I’ve stretched the guideline to the limit – I slouch around in my natty old running shoes, my hair is less fly-away and more of a bird’s nest & I never attempt to wear makeup as I doubt that anyone other than Cate Blanchett could make the polo/slacks combo look glamorous, so why make the attempt to.

While I’m not usually too fussed about my slapdash style, it would be the bee’s knees to wear these beautiful ensembles to work. I can picture myself as a librarian – delicately carrying one book at a time of course.

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[Karen Walker]

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