Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things and things

Making orange juice ice cubes ….

Todd McLellan

Styling: Rebecca NewportPhotography: Ania Wawrzkowicz

SUBMISSION: Mr Hau’s tofu @tagbento LOVES Things Organized Neatly!

This was one of my early TON posts, but it’s one of my favorites.

I used to work in a dressmaking department. I was never celebrated for cutting straight lines, in fact I was rubbish at it and always sneakily added an extra 20cm to each costumer’s request to make up for my lack of scissor skills.

When not acting as a renegade sales assistant behind the counter, I took pleasure in keeping the rolls of fabric tightly wrapped and evenly spaced on the shelves. Needless to say this was a fruitless task as chaos reigned as soon as the costumers came into the store each day.

So I find these pictures all rather pleasing to the eye.

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