Sunday, March 6, 2011

Eating my words

Oh Mercy have pulled their ingeniously titled new album "Great Barrier Grief" fresh out of the oven and they have me eating my words.

When I saw these guys warm up for Ben Folds a few years ago, I thought they were a bit underwhelming.

To brutally honest, I declared that they were boring and should be kicked off the stage because I wanted to revel in the magic of Mr Folds. But having nibbled on their album throughout the week, I realised that Oh Mercy create subtle songs that are very pleasing to the ear. In fact halfway through my first listen of the track "Let me go", I was overcome with chills and yelped out "classic! classic!".

Lessons learnt:

1. "Great Barrier Grief" is a nugget of aussie aural gold

2. Unlike Oh Mercy, I am not subtle in the least.

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