Saturday, June 25, 2011


I had a lovely girls night last night beginning with drunken chicken, dumplings, noodles and ribs at an Asian restaurant and then seeing 'Bridesmaids'. We had planned on going to a certain Chinese restaurant I heard good things about ages ago only to find a Sushi Train now in its place, bummer. As my friend and I turned to walk down the street to find another place as the Sushi Train was packed we bumped into one of her friends who recommended the dumplings place we went to. I'm glad that happened because knowing us we would be paralysed by choice!

'Bridesmaids' I'd say go and see it if you would like comedy like 'The Hangover' meets rom com, which I happen to love so I laughed a lot. Today I find myself crooning 'Stay with me baby' today which Chris O'Dowd lip synchs in one of my favourite films 'The Boat that Rocked'. I also kind of want a cupcake as Kristen Wiig plays a baker mmmm cupcake...

Makes me want girls nights more often!

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