Thursday, June 9, 2011

Since my baby sister is off galavanting around Europe and has entered a blogging lull I'm here to do a few snazzy guest posts. A little about me, I'm 24, at university studying Business and am out on the sidelines for a few weeks injured so I have some unexpected spare time. Which I'm filling with copious amounts of television, cooking and 'studying'.

I just finished the last part of Beeny's Restoration Nightmare which I do believe Fi mentioned before. That show is enough to make me pack my tools (or go out and buy some) and rescue a crumbling building from certain ruin. Something like this one which was posted on Apartment Therapy eons ago and has haunted my thoughts since, a rambling block of wild Art Deco units in Melbourne so beautiful that with a bit of work you could almost see Gatsby living there.

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