Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pimms for the win

Last time I was in Europe (two winters ago) a blizzard blew over covering the streets in a lethal layer of ice and halting Heathrow. It was also the winter I became armoured by Pear Cider. The frigid winter winds were hardly appropriate weather for the chilled bevy, but it was well enjoyed nonetheless. This time round my tastes and the temperature seem well aligned.
[Ginger Beer]
I've made all my Enid Blyton summer fantasies come true by indulging in lashings of Ginger Beer. My version is slightly less wholesome given the alcohol content in Crabbies (yes, it does have the most unfortunate name) Apparently the ginger comes from India and it is brewed from eight weeks, all I know is that it is the best blend of ginger and spices I've ever had. Lip smackingly good!
To be honest I wasn't sure what Pimms was, but the lavish description of - chilled slices of orange, lemon, lime, strawberry, a spruce of mint and a dash of bubbly lemonade - proved far too tempting to pass up! This fruity cocktail is like an exceedingly fancy version of the Aussie lemon, lime, bitters - yet instead of being jaw achingly sweet, it has a rather becoming stuble tartness, thanks to the gin and 'secret recipe of spices'. Yum!


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