Monday, June 13, 2011

Emails and podcasts

Emailing isn't quite the same as real conversation, so I was pretty happy to catch my little sis on the phone last night, she proceeded to make me extremely jealous by recounting her wild adventures and letting me in on her vague plans. Stories of museums, parks, markets and festivals... oh the jealousy river flowed! It makes me want to throw a few things in a bag and jump on the flight next to my brother on Thursday and run round ye old London town!

In other news I discovered today that the lovely Joy from Joy The Baker has a podcast, huzzah, what I after actually cooking, and watching is cooking is listening to people talking about people cooking. I let you know how it is when I actually sit down and listen to a few. Somecinnamon sugar pull-apart bread baking in the oven would be the perfect warming scent for this dark, wet night, ideas seem to be afoot!

Also, how did I miss the blog What Katie Ate? Oh me oh my! It's dark, intense and beautiful, and the best it's based in Sydney so I can visit the restaurants, shops and markets.


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