Monday, June 13, 2011


I've been on the road for almost three weeks now, mainly in London and Ireland, in which time I've been indulging myself in cultural pursuits. Such as - perfecting the angle of my pinkie whislt having afternoon tea*, horicultural studies in Hyde Park (ie tree watching), rhythmic gymnastics in Primarks (ie. people dodging), as well as tramping through various museums and picking up odd but useful facts (hippopotamus tusks were used to make dentures in the 17th century).
These past few weeks have been thrilling - unfortunately I've left my blog by the wayside (thank you mish for picking up the slack!), but I've also developed some strong nesting urges. Even though I'll be on the road for eight months, camping for most of it, this hasn't stopped me from purchasing homewares - mugs, bowls, a vase, globlets - mostly from Anthropologie. I don't intend to furnish my tent which such elaborate crockery, I suppose I'll ship it back home...and have one heck of a dinner party when I return.

*Afternoon tea has become a well worn excuse for me to have cake for lunch


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