Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Making it up

I have a rather limited arsenal of makeup skills to call upon.

Most people are clever and slather their faces with glitter and gloss when they’re a tween – so they get over the Mimi look without too much photographic evidence

and develop the dexterity of a neurosurgeon by the time they hit big wide world.

At the very best I can usually avoid poking an eye out with a misguided mascara wand and be satisfied with clumpy lashes. Then in an attempt to feel like a 1950’s film star, I liberally powder my nose…and end up looking like I’m in cardiogenic shock. Plait my hair and Wednesday Addams would be my home girl.

Perfect for Halloween.

But that won’t slice the cheese Mister. Not after stumbling across this series of hauntingly beautiful "landscapes":

I guess I could always just avoid injury attempting to embed twigs in my scalp and stuffing my nose with moss, by renting out a costume like this –

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