Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend weather report

Bed time.

8pm on a Sunday evening.

The weekend has proved much too fruitful and now i'm zonked. I really should stop trying to pack a whole week into two days.

Friday night was dinner at a dumpling house, before a quick and somewhat ironic dash through the rain to see Cloud Control at The Metro.

While the weather raged unrestrained outside, the Blue Mountain natives were flawless. Though they presented a tight gig, the music was mesmerisingly fresh & whimsical, and devoid of mechanical polish.

It wasn't till after a short spell of karaoke at Kelly's did i stumble into slumber, only to force myself out of bed a few short hours later.

It was almost as if i had fallen through the Wardrobe and awoke in Narnia mid winter - as it was beyond freezing.

With a gale whipping around us, we fought like lemmings through the 12km's to be rewarded with a feast of eggs and coffee.

The cold snap failed to thaw and proved to be perfect weather for the Twin's Indian Feast.

My siblings have always been strong advocates for equal (birthday) rights. The main jist of their adgenda is that they have separate cakes for their birthday. Who am i to stand in the path of justice?

My brother's girlfriend in all her loveliness baked these yummy delights

It's only fair that the equal rights of twins extends to savoury dishes, so i did what any selfless sibling of twins would do - i ate twice the normal amount of food at the Indian Feast. Oh be still my heart - delicately tender butter chicken, doughy soft nann, sweet eggplant, lashings of yogurt, fluffy egg rotti, spoonfuls of dahl mmmm

I then had to haul myself around Canada Bay this morning. I don't think the 7km will make a dent in the previous night's effort, but i didn't let that stop me from munching my way through Yum Cha for lunch. Ten Pin Bowling is equivilant to a weights workout right?

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