Sunday, October 10, 2010

Munching on bookish thoughts

Finally book club has been resurrected! Some five months after the book was selected, we settled ourselves on a grassy noll, armed with an impromptu picnic and picked apart the “Brideshead Revisted”.

The discussion was somewhat short (blamed by foggy memories of what actually happened in the book) and soon left by the wayside by thoughts of travel, with a wonderfully dreamy suggestion of cycling to Byron Bay.

Given that Waugh’s world of Brideshead is one of obscene luxury, it’s only apt that such an expedition should be done in style – these cycling accessories would be perfect.

Note that her "hat" is actually a helmet. Say goodbye to the nerdy helmet look, but i wonder if it also stops the dreaded helmet hair?

ps. Heels are optional

Another innovative bunny has come up with a way of combining books and bikes - with the bike shelf.

All i can say is gimme, gimme, gimme!

And sound the drum roll, as the next book club book is dadadadadda: Revolutionary Road!

Which gives me just another excuse to watch Mad Men for "research" purposes.

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