Thursday, October 14, 2010

Show some Skin

It's HSC time again. Daily updates feature in the newspaper and tearoom small talk moves from the weather (snow in Hobart?! Oh My!) to high school.

As a somewhat neurotic student, High School was just study and stress. So i relish in watching Skins - (supposedly) drenched in reality, the British teens go mushrooming, rave in abandoned houses, piss off Soviet troops on field excursions, have stalkers and affairs with teachers, all whilst managing to scrape through exams without study.

The first generation were an affectionate motley crew of outcasts who genuinely liked one another.

Then there was the second generation, sure i enjoyed watching it, but they pissed me off in equal measure. Snuffy nosed, pretentious twats with no real problems but every issue against the world.

Now there's generation three. They look appear likeable enough. I don't think i could handle another cast like generation two.

The granny inside me stresses over the excessive drug use which will addle their budding brains. I guess people don't change after high school after all.

MTV announced that they'll be making an American version set in Baltimore, Maryland. Home town of The Wire, i hope it's just as socioeconomically diverse.

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