Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spin the wheel! Spin! Spin!

This week has all the speed of a starving snail.

Though now that Wednesday's nearly over, i'm halfway over the wall to the weekend.

Judgment of Paris I, (oil on canvas), 72 x 120in.

Sure it's somewhat sad i discard weekdays like wilted flowers, itching for two days respite from work, but i heart weekends.

Perhaps i need to be more systematically sponaneous during the work week? Tansey was able to manipulate inspiration by inventing the "color wheel". A simple spin of the large, wooden wheel (containing three rows of words) would determine the subject matter of his next artwork.

It's hard to get out of the mentality of counting days like a prisoner - as a student there's always the end of semester within sight. As Christmas nears, the realisation that i'm now working full time is finally sinking in.

I suppose i could take mini breaks during the week, like right now and just continue to meander through this retrospective of Tansey without deep and meaningful musings.

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