Thursday, February 17, 2011

Friday fodder

There are some things to ruminate over the weekend:


PAPER: The making of Fantastic Mr Fox - this book gives me heart palpitations just thinking about how fantastic it looks. Gimme gimme gimme!





We had a boardgames night last night - it was just a few intense rounds of Articulate and Scattergories - which probably isn't nearly as hardcore as 'Tiddly Winks'. I'm not sure what the rules of the game are or the purpose, but the boy on the box looks like he's going in for the kill.

I'm going to two BBQ's this weekend, one for mate who is coming home from the UK for a quick visit so we're amping up the Aussie factor to make them feel at home and the other is to celebrate a mate not being eaten alive by sharks during their debut open water swim. Huzzah!

It's also picnic time for Tropfest 2011

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