Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Warriors

I rolled out of bed early Saturday morning and drove with my siblings to the Glenworth Valley. Instead of the typical serene sounds of a bubbling brook or a chorus of chirping birds, the valley was filled with thousands of people screaming WARRIOR!!

Finally the day of the warrior dash arrived!

The cross country run was broken up with obstacles like the deadweight drifter, rivers of mud and high ropes. I got to fulfil my dream of pretending to be rookie cop from Police Academy - by sliding across the bonnet of a car in the junkyard jump.

There were heaps of people dressed for the occasion, with a heavy contingency of kilt wearing warriors present. Unfortunately I didn't spot anyone dressed up like one of 'The Warriors' from the 1979 cult classic film. Perhaps next year I'm be a bit more organised!

I was feeling pretty hard core about leaping over a 'wall of fire'...until I watched 127 hours. Amazing film.

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