Wednesday, February 2, 2011


There are few things better than lying on the grass, listening to music in a warm patch of afternoon sunshine. Perhaps if the music were live and maybe if you were on holidays with a bunch of your mates. Yup that sounds nice. Very nice indeed. The organisers of the Golden Plains Music Festival think so too:

"It is staged in Autumn so the weather is warm and stable. Afternoon goes on all day; the sun like honey on the trees, then a giant spike of excitement goes kabloooey at nightfall. The Summer Fool is spent by March so GP is oblivious to that particular strain of vain folly.

Camp wherever you like, bring almost everything and anything if you want – you can bring a couch (perhaps with matching armchairs and an occasional table, with a drawer) and plant it in the Amphitheatre for the weekend, and soak. it. all. up. For a long weekend."



This isn't a commercially sponsored event, the fun isn't forced into a strict timetable, "so there’s room for traditions to evolve naturally and spontaneously. So far those to do so include The Boot, whereby for some unknown reason the crowd ’salutes’ their favourite performance of the festival by holding one of their shoes/boots/footwear of choice aloft.... Then there’s The Lampshade and The Door, both of unknown origin."


Believe it or not there are still tickets available and I haven't even mentioned how amazing the line up is (Joanna Newsom,Belle and Sebastian, Best Coast, Wavves, Architecture in Helsinki, The Middle East, Boy & Bear). I'm getting hot sweats just thinking about it.

It's times like these I wish I wasn't saving my moola.
[images via Aunty Meredith]

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