Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The sunniest ideas

If I were Cockney I would be telling every man and his dog that the Currant Bun was hotter than hot today.

Unfortunately I’m not cockney, but I do wish I were in England as the sun (ie. “currant bun”) has beating down on Sydney this week. It’s making me cream crackered (“knackered”) and a little bit barmy hence the cockney rhyming slang in this post.

I’ve been trying to use ‘mind over matter’ techniques to glide through this spell of hot weather without whinging too much, so I’ve been obessed with finding a winter coat. Thoughts of tweed, wool and brass buttons have danced through my head. Modcloth is a minefield of lushy outerwear.

snow day

[Sally Jane Vintage]

Unfortunately my meditations on overcoats has yet to chill my core temperature, though they have been tremendously successful in lightening my purse.

The next sensible option is to wallow in a lovely cool cave – the cinema.

I'm also peachy keen to catch Beginners and Tamara Drewe.

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