Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'm trying to get into top form for a couple of upcoming races in May, June and possibly July. So that means cutting out cake. Sigh. Luckily for me the ABC are sedating my sweet tooth with some delectable eye candy.

Adam Hills Live in Gordon Street Tonight is hosted by none other than Adam Hills. It's like a toasted marshmallow - by all appearances it looks innocence and sweet, with homely rustic touches but it has saucy centre. Adam Hills is a gentleman comic and brings out the best in his interviewees, even rambling streaks of sexual innuendo - I hope that this show is a long stayer.

Then there's Marieke Hardy's new show - Laid. A wonderfully dark humoured series about Roo McVie's attempts to figure out why her past thrusts are ending up dead. A bizarre concept, but works well so far as it's carried on the shoulders of a cast of quirky but realistic characters.

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