Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tuning fork

Architecture in Helsinki sound like a marching band who have been lost in the jungle for six months with nothing but their instruments, rain water and an endless supply of native fruit (with hallucinogenic properties). At times serene, other times hyperactive and bewilleringly delightful. The chaotic clash of ideas, hramonies and instruments, is always incredibly original and infectiously danceble.

I am excited for their new album. Yippee!

The Strokes you continue to woo me so with your jagged riffs, solid high hat drumming and delightfully messy audio production. Bon bon bon! Most music blogs are heralding the band's return to form - but I don't think they ever lost it, every release has made me dance like a cat on a hot tin roof or buy a leather jacket so I too can strike rock n' roll poses.

I'm also keen to sink my ears into Bright Eyes new release The People's Key.

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