Friday, February 4, 2011

So long

I finished my new grad year yesterday. I thought I would be high fiving every man and his dog, yet I felt melancholy that it was all over.

To cheer myself up I scrolled through my playlist and stumbled across Soko.

A couple of years back I saw Soko playing at Sunset sounds, “I’ll Kill her” had been on high rotation on triple J for the last 6 months – after hearing it thirty odd times I started to hate the song with a passion.

Given there was nothing else of note playing during her festival time slot I decided to give Soko a shot. A petite French girl with a cheeky demeanour hit the stage – after one song I was intrigued. By three songs in I was a fan. By five songs I was filing it away as one of the top 10 gigs I been.

Then her voice turned gravelly and a tear trickled down her face, suddenly it built up into a torrent of tears. Yet she kept singing about dandy cowboys, baby cats and wet dreams. The crowd started to call out, asking her what was wrong, people offered hugs, speculation that someone she knew passed away or that she had a broken heart ran rampant. Yet she kept battling through the songs. Finally with one song to go she announced in her lilting accent that she was retiring.

Gosh it’s sad when a good thing comes to an end.


Especially when you didn't realise how good it was till it was gone.

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