Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Best invention ever?

I tried busking before. I've never had a problem with volume. It's pretty hard to play an accordion softly. Even in a busy inner city train station tunnel.

But what chance does a lone guitar player have against the drone of trains overhead, the echoing click clack of heels and stomping of steel-cap work boots drowning out the chords of Everlong? Bugger all really.

Sure they could use a battery powered amplifier, but a guitar is cumbersome enough to carry around - so all hail the SHamp - a compact amplifier that fits into the sound hole of an acoustic guitar. A cable connects the invention to the guitar’s pickup jack. Too easy.

It wins my inaugural invention of the week...or fortnight...depending how lazy i am.

ps. the image of the gentleman playing the accordion is not me... I could never pull off a flat cap with such style.

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