Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tea for two, or two for tea?

Nothing beats morning wake up rituals.

Fumbling through the haze of sleep to flick the switch of the kettle. The rumble of anticipate as the water bounces and bubbles rapidly. The treasured china mug and tea bag on the ready. Neuronal synapses misfiring in want of caffeine as steam slowly curls out of the spout.

However rituals evolve with the ebb and flow of time. So i won't say no to the gift of new tea accessories...

And a canister of Black Rose to toast the new ritualistic implements...

A bright and wonderfully bold fruity infusion of flavours. Keemun provides a floral orchid base on which tropical mango and papaya play with juicy currants. Silky smooth with a decadent velvety finish filled with blooming roses. A beautiful brew that continues to blossom in the cup and makes a sweet summer refresher when served iced with orange and lemon slices.


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