Monday, August 9, 2010

My manic and I

Feeling sick makes me as weak as a kitten and as apathetic as the current Labour/Liberal "policies" on climate change - lemon election indeed.

As a manic for to-do lists - i've devised a get-well to-do list:

1. Call in sick [check]
Usually such action makes someone feel instantly better - a day off work hooray! Unfortunately this hasn't cured me, i still feel rubbish. Cue "woe is me" moaning

2. Mum's chicken soup [check]
note: mum being the shinning light of all things lovely made it without request. Bless

3. Watch Oprah [check]
Lasted 10minutes - All i learnt was that Simon Cowell has a strange set of chompers

4. Watch an Amanda Bynes film [check]
Sydney White. Sufficiently cheesy, however i still feel apathetic and nasal

5. Wallow to the joyous yodelling of Jonsi [check]
Sufficiently not apathetic any longer! Visions of tiny horses prancing on Icelandic cliff tops have danced through my eyes via my ears.... Now i'm just congested

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