Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend DeLorean

The Flux capacitor has been topped up with plutonium, kindly "borrowed" from a group of Libyan terrorists.

Space has been cleared to allow for speeds of 88miles/hour to be reached.

That's right i'm going back in time this weekend!

Saturday night it's a hop, skip and jump back to the 1500's, as i celebrate the last week of a dear friend's singledom at a medieval court themed restaurant.

Then it's a tip, toe, tap and i'll be in the 1950's for the annual 1950's fair.

If the prospect of a finding a costume is stopping you from attending the 1950's fair - fear not! The makers of the deliciously stylish HBO show Mad Men are having a 10 day charity ebay auction, hocking off furniture, walk on bit parts and costumes, with all money raised going towards cancer research.

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