Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Family Law

I was a Dolly girl.

Each month i would hunt for coins under couch cushions, from beside Mum's bed, on the kitchen counter...basically i begged and borrowed the unholy sum of $4.50 to buy the magazine.

Then when i was legally able to work, i didn't have to tarnish my character with such unethical behaviour - i was a free woman - but by then i didn't crave any magazine. Cleo and Cosmo were all glossy pictures and no substance. So i went without.

Until i happened upon Frankie many moons later.

It was lust at first sight. No celebrity cover, words filled the pages and it made me laugh. Well Benjamin Law made me laugh. He made me snort in mirth. He also made me choke on tea.

Eventually Frankie and i fell by the wayside - outshone by the edgier Yen. I wasn't all that upset by the break-up except for the loss of Benjamin Law.

Sigh no more. He's written a book. Booyah.

"Meet the Law family – eccentric, endearing and hard to resist. Your guide: Benjamin, the third of five children and a born humorist. Join him as he tries to answer some puzzling questions: Why won’t his Chinese dad wear made-in-China underpants? Why was most of his extended family deported in the 1980s? Will his childhood dreams of Home and Away stardom come to nothing? What are his chances of finding love?"

A quick google search also reveals that you can get all his past features at his fancy pants website. Sweet. Just don't drink hot liquids while reading.

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